What originally started out as me setting up a couple of PC’s to do some testing has grown over the years to a full blown data center that is equipped with the works.  I have fiber channel that is used for storage and tape backup (Only LTO-4).  I also have a Juniper Networks  switched environment for the network.  I am running 4 EX3200 switches and must say they have been working perfectly for 2 years.  Eventually I will upgrade to a 10GbE backbone but am waiting for some prices to come down before I purchase.

Since setting this lab up I have had customers sign in to the sandbox.  This has allowed them to do testing without having to disrupt their environment.  This has been a huge plus and helped them get through testing as this may have taken longer if done internally.

I now will have my hands on an Panasas ActiveStor8 High Performance Scale-Out NAS solution.  I am currently starting to test this hardware and WOW is it fast. I recently added a Panasas Sizing tool to site to aid in sizing this for an HPC environment.  Really Cool technology.

New Additions to the Lab

Scenario Testing

Client Access

The Sandbox